Kick Off Session
Event Date: 2005-08-09 17:00
Date: 2005.8.9 (Thu)
Time: 17:00-19:30
Place: Room No.27, Engineering Building No.2
Topic: Kick off of the “A Hundred Hour Workshop”

Report: Ryo Fukano, Mihoko Otake
Photo: Kiyoshi Kotani
Participants List: Mihoko Otake
Accounting: Shinji Sako
Number of Participants: 12

Tomomasa Sato described administrative matters like funding. Mihoko Otake presented aims and scope, and procedure of the workshop. Then, team members of the workshop introduced themselves on their majors and what do they want to achieve during the workshop. Participants arranged role sharing and set a schedule. After the session, kick off party was held at Vietnamese food restaurant near the campus.

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