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SubmitterlijingfeMore Photos from lijingfe    Last Update2014/7/19 12:04
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This time, if Qin Jia is extremely, those general can a seek bean curd to bump dead calculate."How many years, Wang Ye, my factitiousness prepared on this day how many years, finally be succeeding.Wang Ye, we wanted to succeed, as long as Wang Ye Yi tomorrow make next, move an end to always offend, Chu dynasty end ground the Ba Chu's county completely camed to hand."Xu Yuan Ban inebriates to feel deeply about a way.
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Qin De is also fierce to do one cup, nod a way:"Yes, 18 years, fully 18 years.These 18 in the last yearses, I have no the first to sleep safely, finally.finally be succeeding."The personal qualities of Qin De Zheng is getting more different.

Don't is past cold fierce, have of just float however at will."Not, what is 18 years, father king, my Qin Jia first the generation is to have already prepared hundreds of years, each time generation of first the generation all continuously start an uprising to do preparation for future, regardless is wood house, still keep going to officer's house, if isn't the preparation in hundreds of years, how can like this situation."Qin Zheng Zheng's individual is also very excited.Mulberry Tasker

"Rightness."Qin De suddenly nods, " Qin Jia first hundreds of years of generation prepare, how many years of expectation, also have.quiet Yi, her etc. this day also waited for a long time for a long time."Qin De suddenly whole individual Be all silent to come down.
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