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SubmitterlijingfeMore Photos from lijingfe    Last Update2014/7/21 11:18
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Old Sha-ho is old 41 thought of the temper of mulberry Mo, immediately a burst of Dan Zhan."Walk."The bewitching monster that the three greatest golds Dan expects behind also very and soon makes track for toward the south.Qin Yu is stepping to fly sword, display to open a wife to unite as one at the moment, the whole individual shuttles in the water like a flash of lightning benefit arrows, speed quick extreme Cheap Jordans achievement.However after death just lost son of great anger of red eight the claw octopus eight meat pillars one Sha woulded be one Shan, several near move in a sudden.

"Burst!""See luck."Qin Yu Zheng the body in vain become red and imitated a Buddha to seethe, on Qin Yu Lian but is had a silk to smilePermit, he is very clear to small black speed, have no this mulberry Mo to make track for shot, small black affirmation can escape."Saw again, small black!"In Qin Yu Xin slowly way, immediately personal red extreme achievement of Qin Yu Zheng, malicious in Qin Yu Yan only one Shan, the in vain a flame is from Qin Yu arm on starts to be burnable-
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(Chapter 2 arrives, the waters is limitless and boundless, numerous influences occupy, Qin Yu doesn't understand anything to hastily sneak in bottom of sea and be subjected to frustrate also normal.Underneath of several chapters, the tomato conceives outline of huge overseas' fixing true boundary will gradually uncover the story of his mysterious veil-Qin Yu also ratio Qian mainland dragon stimulate more, more crary!)
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The fifth gathers red blood hole mansion chapter 5 Wu lifeIs almost a Sha that, Qin Yu Zheng's personalization made a meteor to very and soon drive fast toward the south and usually displayed than Qin Yu'person's machine unite as one'the speed still want to quickly and up count decuple near hundredfold, once that mulberry Mo wink, and Qin Yu then and completely disappeared.Giant red eight claw octopus the body is one Huan, became red tunic enchanter mulberry Mo.

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