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SubmitterlijingfeMore Photos from lijingfe    CategoryPresentations    Last Update2014/7/8 10:16
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Mulberry DanmarkGray day, forget the night or during the day, good grief trying to give the last half, familiarize yourself with the sad taste will not be so lonely lonely, remember that snow Well, stay with me the next night alone , remembered that one night, lonely walk with me one night, without me then, who gives you a gentle, said stay together, you carry me go first, after leaving, and who hold your gone , promised permanent, but you do not want to stay, you choose to go, I have to let go of the connection should not journeying innocently entangled, I sing you a song unfinished scratchy throat, I throw you in the corner humble commitment.
Mulberry Tasker
A shadow, coming and going. Someone at this stop, wait, and then leave. Occasionally pass, just as David glance down, what sticks Ke Yi? Continue to look south branches. Do not like fun, after the lonely, belong to them. Nostalgia is not without truth, blank lost after unable to fill. Once, and I will cherish; own, more need to grasp. Forgotten, do not pick up; harm, no mind.

Paper cranes Love

Paper cranes LovePopular
SubmitterlijingfeMore Photos from lijingfe    CategorySessions    Last Update2014/7/4 17:58
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Red troubles, since I seek for a peaceful mind.
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Photo No. 11-12 (out of 12 photos hit)« 1 (2)

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