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Loneliness unmanned road

Loneliness unmanned roadPopular
Submitteryaozu920818More Photos from yaozu920818    CategoryPresentations    Last Update2014/9/2 10:55
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Snow brought an iron Zheng Yi people, playin said: "Amidst the wind at pattering, stop anxiety, loneliness unmanned road solitary crow desolately Ming dead trees rustling dense fog clouds overwhelmed Chao Chao owned solitary room. Mandu feeling of sadness, tears turned into a dream. knowing is no return, Nanyang cliffs still have gone. "

Junonia listening, said: "? Goddess sings sweet, why it is so sad sorrow" Snow HJHG0902gfd clothes suddenly in tears, sad channel: "Little Women since the palace all day to worry as partners, how glad ? day "Junonia surprise:" why so Goddess mother Goddess expensive for a country, loved by His Majesty, how daily sorrow "Snow clothing silent tears, not words??. Junonia busy: "foreclosure next dull, the last meeting with the empress, the empress said physical discomfort, whether empress purpose sorrow?" 

Snow clothes softly: "The last meeting nobis toronto, I respect you three glasses of wine, you can remember had also?" The monarch said: "The next always remember." Connaught clothing and said: "I ​​wish my first glass of wine big Song Jiang Shan generations, unbreakable, and the second glass of wine I was welcome home for you Jie Feng, a third glass of wine nobis jackets, but I did not say CONGRATULATIONS, you know what I want to say, "the monarch said:"? next I do not know ".

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Although to many people

Although to many peoplePopular
Submitteryaozu920818More Photos from yaozu920818    CategoryMeetings    Last Update2014/9/1 10:11
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Although to many people, but the dragon Sedum have their principles, not delay official, it only received one day. If the original Cheng Lan, HJHG0901gfd  Liang Siyuan two parties would be wise also times when people in fame, the two men willingly bayou Sedum as a teacher, had defeated two national champion who will know the depth nobis kato. But those who want to learn chess enlighten me sublime tricks Long Sedum, so Jiaozhou gathered players from all sides. To make Yongshou quit, Long Sedum arrange people to identify themselves with Korea's chess player chess record, send these players, so be bothered some mediocrity. This trick really works, a lot of people after reading chess prohibitive.

Because most people are directed to Long Sedum, Jiaozhou city inn seize the opportunity, every family prepare a special room for everyone chess research, natural and ultimately the board pieces. Around the players come together, there is a daily discussion chess game, because there can be only one person per day with Long Sedum chess, these people spontaneously test of survival of the fittest, so wasted everyone's time, a time of Jiaozhou streets are talking Go.

This is very good atmosphere to enhance chess, Chess worked away in the capital of Lan if deliberately leave of absence, came to learn chess master Jiaozhou with all parties, to exchange ideas. The national champion one to naturally became the focus, and the brightest players to reach a consensus, if decided by the way the blue dragon Sedum chess candidates. Since becoming mentoring, Long Sedum naturally can not ill-treat, if the daily schedule Cheng Lan watching chess, chess game ended after to discuss the pros and cons. Go change is extremely complicated, learn chess people first look at talent, if talent shortage, no matter how hard can not become a master. Relationship with the age level chess is not very big, so the two national champion Caigan Xin bayou Sedum as a teacher. After practice, Long Sedum deeper understanding of a layer of ancient books, chess even more mysterious way, to deal with the parties to the players is very easy. This day Jiaozhou city came a strange old man, who is tall and thin, graying beard, two mesh Smart, like apes in general, riding a skinny ass.

This person is not surprising nobis yatesy, strange that this man's clothes was written words: Chinese Chess. Obviously, this is meant to champion title with Long Sedum Yilin rivalry come. Everyone laughed at the beginning of this old guy overconfident, old man does not care, then stay in no hurry to play chess with someone, look at chess. Sedum others dragon chess road full of praise, the old man does not agree, put forward their point of view, since the Koreans overconfident, we should take drastic measures, let them know that badly, losing a bureau Taibuyinggai, there are some people recognized this argument. The old man in the city each chess room turn four or five days, and people finally started playing chess, game winning streak a few games, chess road constantly changing, so the parties players admiration.

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This time can finally cast

This time can finally castPopular
Submitteryaozu920818More Photos from yaozu920818    CategoryMeetings    Last Update2014/8/30 9:56
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This time can finally cast out Qianxiu years of Sword surgery, Yi Mei fluttering, Jianguang snow, nine in the moonlight like a fairy, fantastic. Only four brothers spectators Hetong like reading, praise:. "Xi You Lady Kung's cheap jordans online, a sword Dynamic Quartet viewer such as mountains frustration, whom heaven and earth for a long low Aung Tu Fu previously read this poem. always feel somewhat exaggerated, today we know the Tang Dynasty sword really sublime, elegant hidden unlimited Murder "Kome monks, after all, a great connoisseur though naughty, coaching and said:." Tang Dynasty style JDA0830SKGD heyday, the seven patrol man cheap jordans sale, down to the Huangkou Ruzi known poems, learning sword is no exception, into the fencing in romance is like this, and now people can not do. "

Fencing on Lake temptations from the beginning to the stalemate, flying more mellow river phoenix sword smug, Su-yun Miyaji gradually the power play Sword surgery, they start exchange, Jianguang swayed moonlight, plus reflection on the water, unlike martial arts master in the contest, it seems that immortal battle of wits on the water. Though not often with such a master Xiao hundred empty master, but also very exciting, moves coherent, clear structure, posture wonderful. Kome monks glad to see, from time to time a few words of ridicule, was empty pointers about the people around him, enjoyable. The two sides played against deep internal strength, force long after, fencing skills, matched, Handou an hour too close to call. Jiang Flying Phoenix overwhelmed the original is not to win, Su-yun princess shot also left the room, Kome monks knew nothing tricks, high cried:. "Do not fight, nothing nice resort"

They stopped, came together on board. Kome monks sit on and said: "Sword surgery subtle change, but unfortunately lack of heat, the main disadvantage in terms of experience." Jiang Fei Luan know Kome high repair monk, salute: "What Jiangmou inadequate fencing? "God Head monk smiled:" You'd fencing full of fast progress is lacking is righteousness in the future to raise more gas in some effort, "jiantong interjected:." just Miyaji cast sword surgery, like angel down to earth tonight an eye-opener. "so although there please meaning, Su-yun Miyaji also really graceful. Kome monks feel unsatisfied, hand gestures and said:. "These four boys fencing is also good, quite a joint enemy, weekdays are always higher than the top of the eye, and only in front of some of you guys I honestly do not idle girl , to teach them a meal, let them know that women are not bullied. "

Suyun Miyaji immediately answered, smiling: "The ancestors have left punch of the law, do not know the tube does not work, just try it today." Remark these young men and women gearing up to try. Kome monks favorite watch, arrange and said: "while the four individuals, we can not let them say much for the win." Su-yun Miyaji arrange four juniors, led by Nie Jiuniang. So many people test of a long bamboo, of course not enough, then got a raft, ready to make a test of some of these young people.

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Immediately sent secretly

Immediately sent secretlyPopular
Submitteryaozu920818More Photos from yaozu920818    CategoryMeetings    Last Update2014/8/29 9:44
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Immediately sent secretly to protect the emperor again won her heart is very happy in the city that never sleeps eat burned longer valid cheap jordans online. Came Wuling palace, Wei hayang and Rose Princess feast Yajing emperor smiling, overwhelmed southern trip finally got his wish. Of course, the most critical thing is to reassure the Emperor and Wei hayang deliberations, first issued the edict, the emperor had to retrieve my precious corals and will soon will return to Beijing cheap jordans, such an action would have on the people of the world to explain. Followed by the southern military power entirely to Wei hayang, re-established five camps troops, learn the lessons of the past, the separation of command, so that contain each other, a critical moment achieve its proper role.

Wei hayang course I remember military power was seized of the matter, and my heart will inevitably have a bit wary of the emperor in front of the coral can no longer weak, immediately said: "brother assured Fu Huang had confessed before, employers do not doubt that if I go back, brother can use fencing take away my life. "Wei hayang then have to determine the emperor really changed. Emperor carry Yuxi, then wrote the decree, set up easily intimidated, Wei hayang officially took over the south all military power.

After the account ready for Beijing, because when there are countless people to follow, back when not sloppy, so arrange a ship hayang Wei Sheng Pai guards of honor, in a big way back to Beijing. Emperor nor assured the capital, ready to ship to leave after news release, and the world knows that the emperor has successfully Aifei welcome back, though at great cost, and finally restore the reputation. Emperor returned to the capital, and she resolutely and vigorously rectify Asatsuna, strictly bound harem concubines, coral official book stand for the Queen. Although satisfied with the queen, but the emperor bent, face JDA0829SKGD contradict, as monarch of a country, are there any Zuobulezhu world governance even after Yan Li? Empress do anything, had recognized.

Emperor handed the task of rectifying the official prime minister Zheng Dongling, please scratch out the old generals iron formation Yi Jin Jun, from time to time with the coral patrol the parade, the capital to restore order, the atmosphere became pale. Zheng Dongling natural clear all through things, and my heart is very often admire Xiao, thought would be earth-shattering became pale, turned out to be so ending. Like a life a malignant tumor, cutting down natural pain, but the pain is only temporary and will soon be healed, if timid, and let the cancer grow, sooner or later, life-threatening. Emperor of the Jiangnan Bing Wei hayang entirely to the right, always felt at ease, specifically discuss the matter with the prime minister Zheng Dongling, express their concerns.

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Emperor beauty came

Emperor beauty camePopular
Submitteryaozu920818More Photos from yaozu920818    CategoryMeetings    Last Update2014/8/28 10:12
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Emperor beauty came to the south, finally have an opportunity to see were moving north and south of jade butterfly, is now being often attracted Xiao momentum, and he did not expect cheap authentic jordans. My heart has been determined that this person is not mortal, I am afraid this world nothing can be stumped him. Wei hayang mention a bit between the words, and often did not personally Xiao, the emperor is wearing ordinary civilian clothes, no wonder. Rose Princess saw Samuume, Pandan four sisters dancing quite envious cheap jordans, shadow princess laughed: "It is not easy to see the Princess Royal, the sisters took real skill to help add to the fun." Samuume sweet: "The arrival of the Princess Royal, Tianzhu Princess can not be idle "Moon Shadow Princess shook his head:." there are first beauty in the world, I can not incompetence, "Chang Xiao high spirits, encouraging and said:." butterfly, your sisters simply busy busy. "

Jade Butterfly smiling up, the emperor had not noticed, eyes at once on the straight, the world is actually such a stunning beauty, after all, not real expressive portraits though, a time of stiff locally. Chang Xiao did not personally, so beautiful and fragrant flowers look more to the meeting, see jade butterfly, one hundred men at least ninety will reveal this expression. Wei hayang explained what he wanted, and often knew Xiao Wei hayang this to never order gifts Eighty per cent of the young people concerned. Fine asked not only commanded to accept gifts, put up together, and other points on the evening everyone happy. Wei hayang know they do not deserve to explore martial arts and often Xiao, therefore referred to today's royal government, often Xiao laughed: "I ​​did not care about the court thing, I heard that the government and the upper and lower atmosphere has changed now, people get some benefit only slightly careful.

The new prime minister is Zheng Dongling original, this man is a rare good officer, promoted him emperor can be considered a visionary. "Wei hayang strange:" Listen Santo tone, as if to recognize Zhengdong Ling. "Chang Xiao nodded:"'d seen twice, the first time we met he was a commoner, and the second is when pirates rebellion, he was already five product school governance, and now even made ​​prime minister, also considered God opening the eyes . "Wei hayang wondered, often even with Xiao dynasty prime minister has come to really incredible.

Speaking not as Samuume jade butterfly dancing sisters, but looks masterpiece, of course, is the protagonist, Moon Shadow Princess only as a foil. Although the pampered princess roses, excellent maintenance, and these six people do not radiant, my heart was very envious of my heart wondering ask good way of beauty. Emperor's attention all in beauty who, by comparison, Palaces Prostitute is not worth mentioning. Six beautiful women dance for a long time, to go to the back rest, rose princess offered to talk with six people, more natural companion happy, seven people joke with the back rest. This time the pressure of cross God Emperor considered, Wei Xiao Tan hayang and JDA0828SKGD often more for historical facts, past champion gains and losses, the emperor naturally learn a lot, and occasionally plug in two sentences.

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Photo No. 1-5 (out of 5 photos hit)

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