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cheap gucci shoes on discountedPopular
Submitterlife60More Photos from life60    CategorySessions    Last Update2014/8/28 17:59
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If your answer is "no", then you are exercising your right as a parent to protect your children from what you consider to be undesirable influences. In other words, by acting as a censor yourself,gucci sale online you are admitting that there is a strong case for censorship.Now, of course, you will say that it is one thing to exercise censorship where children are concerned and quite another to do the same for adults. Children need protection and it is the parents' responsibility to provide it.cheap gucci sneaker But what about adults? Aren't they old enough to decide what is good for them? The answer is that many adults are, but don't make the mistake of thinking that all adults are like you. Censorship is for the good of society as a whole. Like the law, censorship contributes to the common good.Some people think that it is disgraceful that a censor should interfere with works of art. Who is this person, they say, to ban this great book or cut that great film? No one can set himself up as a superior being. But we must remember two things.cheap gucci sale Firstly, where genuine works of art are concerned, modern censors are extremely liberal in their views—often far more liberal than a large section of the public. Artistic merit is something which censors clearly recognize. And secondly, we must bear in mind that the great proportion of books, plays and films which come before the censor are very far from being "works of art".When discussing censorship, therefore, we should not confine our attention to great masterpieces, cheap gucci salebut should consider the vast numbers of publications and films which make up the bulk of the entertainment industry. When censorship laws are relaxed, immoral people are given a license to produce virtually anything in the name of "art".

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cheap gucci shoes on discountedPopular
Submitterlife60More Photos from life60    CategoryPresentations    Last Update2014/8/13 15:52
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I'm 16. The other night while I was busy thinking about important social issues,like what to do over the weekend, I overheard my parents talking about my futurecheap gucci sale.My dad was upset—not the usual stuff that he and Mom worry about,like which college I'm going to, how far away it is from home and how much it's going to cost.Instead, he was upset about the world his generation is turning over to mine.He sounded like this: "There will be a pandemic that kills millions,a devastating energy crisis,cheap gucci shoes a horrible worldwide depression and a nuclear explosion set off in anger."As I lay on the living room couch, starting to worry about the future my father was describing,I found myself looking at some old family photos.There was a picture of my grandfather in his uniform.He was a member of the war class.Next to his picture were photos of my great-grandparents.Seeing those pictures made me feel a lot better.I believe tomorrow will be better, not worse.cheap gucci onlineThose pictures helped me understand why.I considered some of the awful things my grandparents and great-grandparents had seen in their lifetimes:two world wars, killer flu, a nuclear bomb.But they saw other things, too, better things:the end of two world wars, the polio vaccine, passage of the civil rights laws.I believe that my generation will see better things, too—that we will witness the time when AIDS is cured and cancer is defeated;when the Middle East will find peace, and the Cubs win the World Series—probably only once.cheap gucci shoesI will see things as inconceivable to me today as a moon shot was to my grandfatherwhen he was 16, or the Internet to my father when he was 16.Ever since I was a little kid, whenever I've had a lousy day,my dad would put his arm around me and promise me that "tomorrow will be a better day."I challenged my father once

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look here,cheap gucci shoes on salePopular
Submitterlife60More Photos from life60    CategoryMeetings    Last Update2014/7/31 16:50
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Our imaginations become aware of the vast distances of space, the immensity of the earth and the huge improbability of our own existence.cheap gucci sale We feel small but privileged.Moonlight shows us none of life's harder edges. Hillsides seem silken and silvery, the oceans still and blue in its light. In moonlight we become less calculating, more drawn to our feelings.cheap gucci saleNearly everybody has a creek in his past, a confiding waterway that rose in the spring of youth.…….My creek wound between Grandfather's apricot orchard and a neighbor's hillside pasture. It banks were shaded by cottonwoods and redwood trees and a thick tangle of blackberries and wild grapevines. cheap gucci shoesOn hot summer days the quiet water flowed clear and cold over gravel bars where I fished for trout.Nothing historic ever happens in these recollected creeks. But their persistence in memory suggests that creeks are bigger than they seem, more a part of our hearts and minds than mighty rivers.Creek time is measured in the lives of strange creatures,gucci sale online in sandflecked caddis worms under the rocks, sudden gossamer clouds of mayflies in the afternoon, or minnows of darting like silvers of inspiration into the dimness of creek fate.

Photo No. 1-3 (out of 3 photos hit)

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