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A window was raised, and a clear voice demanded "What name?"  To
which my conductor replied, "Pumblechook."  The voice returned,
"Quite right," and the window was shut again, and a young lady came
across the court-yard, with keys in her hand.
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"This," said Mr. Pumblechook, "is Pip."

"This is Pip, is it?" returned the young lady, who was very pretty
and seemed very proud; "come in, Pip."

Mr. Pumblechook was coming in also, when she stopped him with the
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"Oh!" she said.  "Did you wish to see Miss Havisham?"

"If Miss Havisham wished to see me," returned Mr. Pumblechook,

"Ah!" said the girl; "but you see she don't."
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She said it so finally, and in such an undiscussible way, that Mr.
Pumblechook, though in a condition of ruffled dignity, could not
protest.  But he eyed me severely - as if I had done anything to
him! - and departed with the words reproachfully delivered:  "Boy!
Let your behaviour here be a credit unto them which brought you up
by hand!"  nike shox r4 sale
I was not free from apprehension that he would come back
to propound through the gate, "And sixteen?"  But he didn't.

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